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Valerian Music is a Finnish record label which focuses on Finnish artists but has international artists such as Part Time Lovers and Vomito Kashima .

International artists

Part Time LoversPart Time Lovers brings the 80s synthsounds to a groovy, melancholy spirit of 70s disco strings, which fits more than well to fill the dancefloor, wild night in the city or any kind of weekend mood.

As the Finnish shaman said "Part Time Lovers are just like two polarbears in the sauna, what can be more hot, than being cool".
Part Time Lovers is currently in studio, recording a new song to be released in the near future.

"Love is like an open road. Sometimes you just wanna drive around peacefully and take a good look at the scenery. Then again, from time to time you need to speed up to be the first at the finishing-line. If you try to do them both at the same time, you'll crash." says the singer Lorenzo De Luca.



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Vomito Kashima is a group of artists / band founded by the conceptual artist and DJ Vicente Kashima.
DJ Vicente Kashima Kashima's unique lifestyle has been astonished for many years in his home country in Peru. Kashima has gained greater popularity through his various underground artistic experiments e.g. India and the United States.
Kashima's first single, "Lanzamiento de canción para Cinco conejillos de Indias", was released in 1977. In 1984, Kashima donated his entire fortune to the random people in the street in New York City in two days. This was part of the "Yo vivo en la escuela" artproject. After living in the streets of New York, Kashima moved back to her native city of Ica, Peru and has been doing his art since then.
Today Kashima is completely isolated from publicity. According to rumors DJ Vicente Kashima is nowadays his son Dabhi Kashima. Kashima has published his "mechanical dancemusic" only with 12-inch vinyls and compact cassettes.

Written by Carole A. Cable - "Underground art and mechanical techno today" -magazine 3/2017